Camilla Diaz

Too dumb to live? Probably.


Str: 1 – Dex: 6 – Con: 1 – Int: 1 – Per: 2 – Wil: 1
Life Points: 18 – Endurance Points: 14 – Speed: 12 – Essence: 14

Qualities: 12
Attractiveness +3
Charisma +3
Acute Sight +2
Resistance (Disease) +4

Drawbacks: 10
Delusions (“The world is fine. I’m just in a bad neighborhood.”) -3
Delusions (“Aliens did this to this part of the world, obviously!”) -2
Agoraphobia -2
Emotional Dependency (Father) -1
Prejudice (“Surface Walkers”) -1
Clown -1

Skills: 25
Guns (Sniper Rifle) 9
Acrobatics 3
Climbing 1
Lock Picking (Mechanical) 2
Language (English) 1
Beautician 2
Myth and Legend (Alien Conspiracy) 2

Barrett M82 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle w/Scope
Box of 30 .50 Caliber Rounds
Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum Revolver
Box of 50 .44 Rounds
Makeup Kit – This girl needs her make-up Dammit!
Hand Mirror
Biohazard Suit – Worn when she first came out of the bunker. She now knows she doesn’t need it. Mostly. Unless there’s aliens of course.
Gieger Counter
Nightvision Goggles
Lockpick Set
Duct Tape
First Aid Kit
Water Canteens
Canned Corn x15 – The best canned food ever!
Personal Radio
Eye Drops – A long time spent looking through a scope is hell on the eyes.

Frilly Pink Dress – Don’t laugh.
Single-strap shoes.
Swimming Goggles – Comes in handy when you need to see in smoke or something. You could also wear them for dramatic effect.
Class I Vest


Name: Camilla Diaz
Nationality: Mexican
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5’ 3"
Weight: 115lb.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Cheerful and Ditzy. Camilla often seeks to help people out because she figures maybe they’ll help her out in turn. She’s naive, gulliable, a little slow and FAR too trusting. However she does know how to fire the guns she carries and can be useful in her own right. She also knows when it’s time to get the funk out of there when it’s dangerous, which, considering her frail stature is quite alot for her.

History: Camilla was born and raised in an underground bunker. Her life consisted of grey walls and canned food. The piles of books in the corner were read, and re-read. Camilla’s mother was killed before the baby could walk, so she was raised by her father. He tried his best. He wanted to teach her how to survive but also wanted to let her be a kid, a female kid. He didn’t know anything about makeup but tried, he didn’t know about dresses but tried, and he didn’t know how to deal with problems that arose as she got older. He filled her head with ideas that the world outside was filled with people and completely fine, but aliens were out there so she needed to stay.
What he could teach her was limited. And although she never shot a gun before leaving the bunker a few years later, she instantly got the hang of it. Some called her an “Savant” with that rifle she carries.
Her father was really the only one she knew and he used to leave periodically to go to “work”. (To get food in reality.) One day he didn’t come back. She stayed in the bunker for weeks, before donning a biohazard suit and venturing outside.

Carlos Diaz – 42 Years Old – Father – MIA.
the relationship between father and daughter is a strong one. They’ve shared everything and with him gone she only wants to find him. Unfortunetely she doesn’t know where to start.

Camilla Diaz

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