Carl "Tap & Crap"

The disturbing, ugly, and intellectually damaged creator of Carls Jr.


Str: 3 – Dex: 3 – Con: 3 – Int: 2 – Per: 2 – Wil: 2

Life Points: 49 – Endurance Points: 39 – Speed: 12 – Essence: 15

Hard to Kill 5
Resources 5
Gifted 0
Good Luck 5
Status 8
Charisma 3

Attractivness -3
Delusions (Invicibility) -3
Reckless -2
Dependence (Aged Butler) -2

Dancing (Tap) 4
Brawling 5
Haggling 2
Gambling 3
Myth and Legend 2
Intimidation 2
Swimming 3
Handgun 5
Pilot (Helicopter) 5
Hand Weapon (Rapier) 5
Language (Latin) 5

At Home
Pretty much everything…

On Person
Colt 1911 .45 – A very heavy gun that shoots very heavy bullets.

M16 – A fully automatic rifle. Unfortunatly detroyed in the crash mentioned above.

Coveralls – Hardly the suit Carl is accustomed to waring, but it’ll do until he can get back home.
….That’s about it.


Name: Carl. Who needs a last name?

Nationality: Something? Carl doesn’t care. He doesn’t even remember.

Sex: Male
Age: 40
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 220 lb.
Hair: Half Burnt away. The remaining hair is gray and whispy.
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Disturbingly unaware of his own mortality. Combine that with his mass of Riches and his confidence (Pronouced “Arrogance”) shoots through the roof.



Parents – Sadly, Carl can’t remember thier names. However they did teach him alot, including both Latin and how to dance. In fact when he dances he often remembers them… for a few moments at least, before he goes about doing something insane. They died when he was about twelve, leaving thier legacy behind. That’s how Carl became rich.

Butler – 74 Years Old. Yes, Carl considers his butler family. Even though he’s older than a fossilized turd, he remains faithful to Carl and brings him whatever he may need. This includes hiring pilots to bring Helicopters to a stranded Carl. This happens often enough, and after being trated the way they do, the pilots quit afterward. Only to come back when they need money. It isn’t known to Carl why his Butler has stuck by him. But he suspects it has something to do with his parents. While being considered family, he’s also Carl’s dearest friend.


Fluttershy – A toy that Carl carried around almost everywhere. He talked to it and kept it in a safe place at all times. However recently Fluttershy was in a horrible helicopter accident that took her life. Manly tears were shed.

Female Harem – When entertaining guests at his gigantic “estate” he always tells people that he has his own personal Harem. Wheter it’s true or not… is for guests to decide.

Facts About Carl
1.) Despite being almost criminally insane, Carl is actually very good with numbers and has been since a young age. It’s how he keeps his riches. Owning an Offshore Oil Tanker is a hard buisness. Everyone wants a slice. Attempts have been made on his life but his good luck stopped all of them.

2.) Carl has a personal bodyguard back at his “Estate” Numbering about fifty armed guards. The Butler’s Idea, after the fifth attemt on Carl’s life. um, actually, sir, the body guard were the pilots and escorts for you and so we are, shall we say, “low” on bodyguards at the moment…

3.) Carl doesn’t know how to write. At least not well. He finds it a trivial thing and he is (As he puts it) “Above Such Things.”
although he can draw, strangely..

4.)There is no Spoon.

More to Come Later….

Carl "Tap & Crap"

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