Christine Sturm

A very handsome woman, even at age 65. Mother of Christoph and Felix, married to Michael.


A former nurse, she met Michael just before the outbreak at an insane asylum. Falling instantly in love with him, she will and has done everything for him, up to and including murder!
While a nursing student, she was close friends with Dr. Jade Davidson; an affair that lasted only a few short months, cut short by Jade’s father moving his family to Japan. They still manage to keep in touch, even after the outbreak, using a pair of satellite phones given to Jade by her father.

Although intentionally infected and then taken by her former lover, Dr. Jade Davidson, she willingly gave herself over, knowing that her family would be safe in their home; from the forces allied with Jade, certainly, from others, possibly…especially as the mist continues to encircle the ranch.


Christine Sturm

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