Christoph Sturm

Skinhead Bruiser


Basic Stats:

Experience Gained: 51 – Experience Spent: 47

Str: 5 – Dex: 6 – Con: 6 – Int: 2 – Per: 3 – Wil: 2
Life Points: 69 – Endurance Points: 44 – Speed: 24 – Essence: 24

Str, Dex, Con, and Per have been raised.


-Attractiveness 3
-Contacts (Neo Nazis) 3
-Fast Reaction Time 2
-Hard to Kill 5
-Nerves of Steel 3
-Resistance (Fatigue) 2
-Resources: Middle Class 2
-Situational Awareness 2
-Threat Detection 3


-Show Off 2
-Zealot (Anti-Zionist, Pro-Eugenics) 3


-Brawling 5 (10)
-Dodge 5 (11)
-Drive (Truck) 4 (10)
-First Aid 3 (5)
-Guns (Rifle) 5 (11)
-Hand Weapon (Bastard Sword) 5 (10)
-Intimidation 5 (Real 7, Bluff 7)
-Mechanic 5 (7)
-Notice 4 (7)


-Panzer Grey Ford F-350
-Basic Mechanics Tools
-FN FAL w/ Hunting Scope [Range: 10/50/150/600/1000 – D8 x 5 – Capacity: 30 – EV: 10/5 (2x Damage after armor, +3 to Aiming Tasks)]
-Case of 7.62mm Ammo [Amount: 250]
-Case of 7.62mm AP Ammo [Amount: 100 (Armor Value Halved)]
-Case of 7.62mm Hollow-point Ammo [Amount: 100 (Armor Value Doubled, Damage to Flesh x3)]
-Bastard Sword [Damage: D10 x 5 (One-handed) or D10 x 6 (Two-handed) – EV: 4/2]
-Class IIa Armor [Armor Value: D6 x 2 + 9 – EV: 4/2]
-Helmet [Armor Value: D6 x 2 + 9 – EV: 2/1]
-Riot Shield [Armor Value: D8 x 2 + 17 – EV: 8/4]


-SS Junior Officers Dress Uniform
-SS Combat Fatigues
-SS Overcoat
-Plain Brown Trench-coat
-Grey Cargo Pants
-White Undershirt
-Grey Tunic


Name: Christoph Sturm
Nationality: Canadian
Sex: Male
Age: 25 (June 15th)
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 240lb.
Hair: Blond, cut short
Eyes: Blue
Other: Good looks, strong jaw, lightning bolt tattoo on his right bicep, death’s head tattoo on his left bicep

Personality: Christoph holds pretty typical neo-Nazi views, but if you can look past his hatred of the Jews and his twisted views on World War II he’s actually a pretty nice guy, to his good friends. He’s not very tollerant of people that he deems genetically inferior or those who can’t pull their weight. He otherwise tries to fit into a group; Germany fell alone after all.

History: Christoph was raised by skinhead parents who survived the fall living in a bunker near to the outpost where they traded goods and labor for things they needed. He was raised to think that the fall and the zombie hordes are part of a Zionist plot and he’s on the lookout for people to take his anger out on. He’s not much of a leader and as such isn’t much devoted to start trouble, instead he goes out into the world looking to bring in what he can and recruit people to the cause.

Family Notes:
-Michael Sturm, Christoph’s Father, Alive
—Occupation: Leader of the Death’s Head Neo-Nazi group
—Hobbies: Hunting, People Watching

-Christine Sturm (Glockner), Christoph’s Mother, Alive
—Occupation: Nurse for the Death’s Head Neo-Nazi group
—Hobbies: Knitting, Reading

-Dennis Sturm, Christoph’s Elder Brother, Deceased
—Occupation: Soldier, Bounty Hunter
—Hobbies: Chess, History
-Cause of Death: Torn apart by zombies while his comrades escaped

-Felix Sturm, Christoph’s Younger Sister, Alive
—Occupation: Sniper, Uniform Seamstress
—Hobbies: Dancing, Social Events

Christoph Sturm

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