Str: 2
Dex: 4
Con: 2
Int: 6
Perception: 5
Willpower: 3

Secondary Attributes:
Life Points: 26
Endurance Points: 29
Speed: 12
Essence Pool: 16/22

Qualities: (15)
Fast reaction time (2)
Photographic memory (2)
Resistance: Poison (1)
Resistance: Pain (2)
Situational awareness (2)
Charisma (2)
Bag of Tricks (3)
Jack of all trades (3)

Cowardly (1)
Emotional problems – Fear of Rejection (1)
Paranoid (2)
Secret (type 3 VWb) (1)
Physical disability (von Willebrand’s)
Resources: Poor (3)
Phobia: strong people (1)

Cheating 1
Driving (truck) 2
Dodge 3
Disguise 1
Escapism 2
First Aid 5
Gambling 2
Guns (handgun) 3
Haggling 4
Mechanic 1
Notice 3
Medicine 4
Pick Pocket 3
Sleight of Hand 1
Stealth 3
Survival (forest) 4
Unconventional medicine 5
Veterinary medicine 1
Persuade 1
Scavenging 3

Gameboy Advance
Truck and truckbed camper
Pouch on belt containing caltrops
Medical supplies

Oversized dark brown hoodie duct-taped around the wrists
Mismatched woolen fingerless gloves – right one black, left one grey
Black cargo pants duct-taped around the ankles
Black leather hiking boots
Purple scarf
Grey long sleeved t-shirt
Single eye red goggle
Utility belt under hoodie


Name: Ginger
Nationality: Canadian
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’8
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Orangey red
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Eager, but neurotic. Ginger has had his trust betrayed many times, so he tends to keep people at a distance, but once he opens up, he has an almost childlike loyalty and enthusiasm to him. Though he lives in a state of frequent anxiety and fear, he is skilled at coming off as being unthreatening and getting along with most people.

And Ginger is not a girl! Why does everyone think that?

Biography: Doesn’t know how he came to be traded between people, it’s just always been that way. The first person he remembers is a con-man who used him as a way to convince people to let him into their houses, at which time he’d kill the people and sell their belongings. At around five, the con-man bet Ginger on a game of cards instead of having to put down anything truly important and lost to a survivalist type who taught Ginger some of his more wilderness-oriented skills. Neither of his caretakers realized that Ginger had a disorder, and he was more of an incredibly weak assistant than anything to the second man. When Ginger was eight, the caretaker got injured and went into the nearest civilization. In return for treatment, he traded Ginger to an alcoholic doctor. He was with her for six years, and it was with her that he discovered he was ill. She taught him how to take care of himself and all of his medical skills. They would wander from safe house to safe house, leaving when she had drank or filched all the booze she could. With bad will always behind them and the unknown always before them, eventually they managed to wander to a mostly dry area and fell upon hard times. In order to cope with the pain of alcohol withdrawl, the doctor started abusing what painkillers they had. When they finally met up with new people, it was a gang. The doctor readily traded her nurse to them for a healthy supply of drink, and Ginger barely escaped missing only a couple teeth. For a few months, he hid, desperate and starving, from zombies and humans alike, until he stumbled on an abandoned truck with a camper in the bed and only one skeleton in it. Over the years, he’d observed people drive, but it was at this point that he taught himself to work a vehicle. From that point on, he’s lived by scavenging in woods and houses and sells anything he can. He’s careful to cover his body to disguise how easily he bruises out of fear that if people knew he had a bleeding disorder, they’d overpower him in a heartbeat.


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