Pierre Bouvier

Emotionally Battered and Determined Courier


Str: 2 – Dex: 6* – Con: 4* – Int: 4 – Per: 5 – Wil: 3
Life Points: 46 – Endurance Points: 32 – Speed: 20 – Essence: 36

Qualities: 17/17
Photographic Memory +2
Situational Awareness +2
Artistic Talent (Violin) +3
Hard to Kill +4
Nerves of Steel +3
Fast Reaction Time +2
Attractiveness +3
Charisma +2

Drawbacks: 5/10
Humorless -1
Fear of Commitment -1
Honorable -1
Adversary (Highwaymen) -2

Skills: 40/40
Acrobatics 3
Brawling 2
Climbing 2
Escapism 2
Hand Weapon (Machete) 2
Language (English) 2
Notice 2
Running (Dash) 2
First Aid 1
Handgun 4
Rifle 1
Pick Pocket 2
Play Instrument (Violin) 4
Stealth 3
Drive (Car) 3
Smooth Talking 2
Intimidation 3

Glock 17 – A Reliable Handgun. It holds 17 9mm Rounds. It’s quite useful.
Extra Glock Magazine – Because reloading one at a time isn’t practical.
Police Officer’s Belt – A Belt that Pierre found one day. It holds alot of udeful pockets and loops to keep things on. Including the Glock’s Holster.
9mm Rounds – An unopened box of fifty and a used box of 20. 70 Total, not including the rounds already in the gun.
Machete – A very large bladed weapon. It’s not something you want to get hit by. Carried in a cloth holster on the belt. Behind Pierre.
Personal Radio – As opposed to a vehicle radio. Pierre likes to have on on him at all times. There’s even a place on the belt for it.
Handcuffs – Came with the belt.
Doctor’s Bag – His Mothers bag. It contains alot of useful items… that Pierre doesn’t know how to use.
Medic’s Kit – Another useful item. Pierre might be able to patch you up with this thing. There’s even some morhine and a syringe. However don’t let Pierre give you any. You’d die of an overdose.
Collapsable Telescope – It offers a nice view.
Messenger Bag – Slung over one shoulder. It carries everything that’s not on his belt.
Flashlight – Pretty self-explainitory.
Rope – About thirty feet.
Chevy Impala – Pierre’s Car. It keeps most of his stuff and it’s also where he sleeps.
Gas Can x3 – This precious commodity must be kept in something. And kept at all times.
Sleeping bag – Comfy, but not for low temperatures.
Compass – “But… I already knew which was north was…”
Kevlar Vest (Class IIa Armor) – a Protective item that sits under Pierre’s driver seat. For those battle that are dangerous. (A.K.A…. All of them.)
Leather Jacket – A Jacket that Pierre wears ALL the time. EVERYWHERE. It’s pretty much ripped beyond all usefulness. He still wears it though.
Isaac’s Notebook – Found on Isaac’s Body.
Isaac’s Lighter – Isaac’s Memento, formerly Greg Chase’s.
Violin – His mother’s violin. Complete with case and bow.

White Long Sleeve With a Black Tee – It’s stylish!
Black Jeans – Jeans will never go out of style. The knees will always suffer though.
Converse, High Tops – Sure shoes made of Canvas aren’t recommended for a zombie apocolypse, but damn it, they’re comfy.
Isaac’s Hat – Worn in memory of him.


Name: Pierre Bouvier
Nationality: French
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 170lb.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Formerly bright eyed and cheery, Pierre has undergone a serious change in lieu of recent events. He refuses to let anyone talk to him unless they have a damn good reason, or he starts the conversation in the first place. He’s blunt, but tries his best not to be rude. He still holds onto his principles, barely, and is respectful to those who deserve it. He finds himself often battling between his honorable intentions and his refusal to get involved. He keeps up a strong appearance in public, but he’s broken down and cried more times then he’d care to admit. Especially over Isaac.

*History: *
Pierre’s mother, Brigette, was a doctor. A rather famous one from Bordeaux. Not famous in a media sense, but she was the most popular doctor by far. One day, Brigette and her sister Aurore, a skilled gymnist, decided that they needed a vacation. Aurore was certain that it was a graduation present. What followed was a frantic flight from the sinking landmass. Both of them reached safety and joined a settlement where about half knew some degree of french. Brigette knew no english at all, and her younger sister only took remedial classes in highschool. Brigette proved herself to be a useful member of the society with her skills as a medic. She never told Pierre about his father, but somehow she ended up with three children. Pierre being the middle child.
Pierre was taught alot of things by his mother. A few first aid tricks but mainly how to play the violin as he had a natural talent for it. She kept saying how he would be great once they got home. Pierre never understood her. To him, the settlement was home… hadn’t it become hers too? She kept talking about how she would go home up until her death when Pierre was 16. She taught him as much as she could, but Pierre regretted he never knew her better.
Pierre’s best friend was his older brother. They did everything together. They learned to shoot, fight, and even got tumbling lessons from thier Aunt. One day the boys joined thier first scouting party. They were looking for supplies in an old building. Of course things didn’t go according to plan and they were ambushed by a bunch of romeos. The old building couldn’t handle the gunfire and bodies slamming. It started to break apart. Pierre thought they were done for. Then Pierre’s brother shoved him out of the building. It was high and Pierre almost broke his legs. His brother wasn’t fast enough and was buried and killed. Pierre managed to stagger back to the settlement.
Years later, Pierre became a courier. He preferred to be on the move all the time. If he stayed in one place he met people. If he met people they would get close. If they got close they’d get hurt. Then he met Isaac. Isaac managed to change his view and bring back his happy demeanor. They were the same age, but Isaac seemed to take over the role of Pierre’s older brother. Isaac gave him the nickname “Pete” the diminutive form of his translated name. Needless to say finding out he was dead wasn’t easy. Pierre was driving along to deliver things as per his job description. He came upon a bunch of dead romeos and one he’d never seen before. The armored vehicle had bodies in it. And one unfortunate bastard pulled halfway out. Among the gore he found a hat he’d recognize everywhere. Knowing there was an outpost nearby Pierre drove there and found it destroyed and pillaged. He eventually found Isaac and after a little breakdown took a few of his things. He wanted to bury him, but didn’t know what had happened and didn’t want to get surprised. He couldn’t read the notebook. Partly because of the bad writing and the fact his english wasn’t the best anyway. He needed to know what happened to him, so he figured he’d try Rachael Phillips first. Of course, he had no idea where she relocated to. Or even if she survived the outpost exploding. It didn’t take long for Pierre’s fear of commitment to sink back it. He’s returned to his old ways and he’s not proud of it, but there’s more important things to do now.


Bridgette Bouvier – Deceased – Pete’s Mom. Pierre’s relationship with his mother wasn’t the best. They didn’t hate each other… they were just distant. They shared nothing in common besides thier love for the violin. Pierre didn’t know her that well. Nor did he understand why she always wanted to go home. Still he remembers his mother fondly and is especially touchy if someone insults her.

Aurore Bouvier – 47 Years Old – Pete’s Aunt. Pierre always shared a friendship with his aunt. It wasn’t close, but they liked each other. She was an accomplished gymnist in her highschool and taught Pierre and his brother some basics. She is still at the settlement Pierre was born in. He hasn’t seen her for a few years. She has one child.

Olivier Bouvier – Deceased – Pete’s Older Brother. Pierre’s brother and overall nice guy. His responsible attitude was brought on from natural protective feelings for his younger siblings. But Pierre knows he would have shoved anyone out of that building. Even someone he hated. Pierre has nothing but thoughts to remember him by.

Adélaïde Bouvier – 20 Years Old – Pete’s Younger Sister. Pierre had a relationship with his sister that almost mirrored him and his mothers. They get along well enough, but they are distant. This is due to the sole fact the Pierre feels that he can’t replace Olivier with Adélaïde. Still she’s family, he cares for her, just in his own way. Like his Aunt he hasn’t seen her for years.

Matthieu Bouvier – 19 Years Old – Pete’s Cousin. To Pierre this is just another candidate that can’t replace his brother. However these two get along better than Pete does with his sister. Matthieu looks up to Pierre or at least he did. He probably has a new role model, because like the rest of his family, he hasn’t seen him for years.


Isaac Chase – Deceased – Pete’s Best Friend. The only person who ever came close to replacing Olivier. His cheerful attitude and hat were his trademarks. His death was devestating to Pete.

Rachael Phillips – 16 Years Old – Just a Girl. Pete has met Rachael before. Unlike Isaac he’s never delivered anything for her. However Pete feels as though it’s about time he started. Someone has to do it.

Valeriya Astyafyeva – 22 Years Old – A russian speaking girl who was a former girlfriend. Pete spent some time with this girl when he took a break from being a courier. The only common language they shared was english and she spoke less than him. However it was still fun while it lasted. She moved to some other settlement and Pierre went back to delivering.

Ginger – 19 Years Old – Sure he may look like a girl, and a stid breeze might knock him over… but he’s a nice enough guy. Pierre didn’t think much of him the first time they met, but he clearly now knows that Ginger is a good medic. While Pete doesn’t think of him as a friend, he does like him. Pierre works on the I.O.U. Rule, Pierre definitely ows him one.

WARBOT #0017 – Early Twenties? – This guy is just plain wierd, but he knows how to handle himself and is the only one who came to Pete’s aid when the crazy butler attacked. Pete figures he ows him one for that. Still, he’s a little too strange to get close to.

Ash Drummen – 37 Years Old – Ash is a pretty cool guy. He seems to have known Isaac when he was alive anyway. He also knows how to blow something up, which is helpful. Now does that let him qualify as a friend? Not really no.


Christoph Sturm – 25 Years Old – As the only other guy around Pete’s age, they might get along in a different universe. It’s not like Pete hates the guy, it’s not even a rivalry, he’s just not the type of person Pete wants to be around. Undeniably Christoph knows how to fire a gun. Pete would never actively try to harm him, and the guy saved Isaac’s life at one point. So maybe he’s not all bad.

Highwaymen – This group of bandits are always looking to intercept Pierre on his jobs. Pierre has had several run-ins with them already. Only a couple ever turned violent where they opened fire on him. But he’s always gotten away. They aren’t very well equipped, so thier guns are in disrepair. Still, they’re mean, and know where Pierre’s Routes are.

Dr. Jade Davidson – This stupid bitch. The mere fact that she remains breathing is a blight on the planet.

Pierre Bouvier

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