Stanton "Roamer" Creed Jr.

The Last Gunslinger


Stanton “Roamer” Creed Jr.

exp earned 4 spent 4

Primary Attributes
dex 5
con 5
int 3
per 5
wil 3

Secondary Attributes

LP 42
EnP 38
Sp 20
EsP 16/23

Fast Reaction 2
Resist Disease 5
Situational Awareness 2
Nerves of Steel 3
Acute Sight 2
Acute Hearing 2
Acute Smell 2

Unattractive -2
Cruel -1
Honorable -1
Non Charisma -1
Infamous(Non-Status) -2

Gambling 3
Dodge 3
Storytelling 2
Survival desert 4
Intimidation 3
Notice 3
Tracking 3
First Aid 2
Guns(Handguns-Revolver) 8

Black Stetson Hat
Black and White Bandana
Leather Duster Coat Jacket D4
Revolver Ammo Belt
a piece of dried out hay
Water Canteen
Liquor Canteen
3 packs of cigarettes (Doesn’t smoke, but Daddy did, and they’re great for trading)
Gamblers Kit
S&W ACP .45 revolver
Regular rounds for revolver, tucked in every pocket of the coat AND kept on two rings of the ammo belt.
Leather Bound Journal


Age: 55
Nationality: American(Texan) ]
Birthday June 28th
Eye: Brown
Hair: Grey
Other Physical Traits: Missing the lobe of his left ear ear,his stubble is interrupted by many deep red noticeable scars, which make him almost instantly identifiable.

An oddity even before the fall of civilization, Roamer Creed’s parents thought the modern world was too full of unneeded luxuries, too separated from the earth and the bounty it can provide, and raised him on a cattle ranch, learning skills from the days of the old west, he learned to fire a revolver before he ever saw a television, he feels almost naked with a good, dependable revolver. None of them new, fancy, too easy to jam, fall-apart-after-yeh-shoot-em-once guns for Roamer, no sir. From his father’s trips into the nearby town, Roamer learned to play a few parlor games to pass the time, but Liar’s Dice is by far his favorite. And being raised with none of the conveniences of big city living gave Roamer a few other advantages, when he got sick, no doctors for him, just toughing on through it, and now, Roamer doesn’t even remember the last time he had a sniffle or a cough. Years of life on the ranch have taught him how to survive, and he doubts there is any man alive who could best him in a fair and honorable duel. And those skills came in quite handy when everything went to hell in a hand-basket, and were focused and trained by the need to survive. And he did need to survive. Young Brats thinking they can just take what Roamer has his given his life to build, Roamer has built up some infamy about him, known not only as not a man to mess with, but also as having a warriors honor. A surrendering opponent will be spared,but he’s killed Men, Women, and Children, and now must watch his back, in case someone decides to take vengeance. But let them come. His code of honor requires only that he respect his opponent,never cheat to win, and when they die at his hand(as they all have), if at all possible, give them a respectful burial. He may not be the easiest man to warm up to, a man just as willing to shoot you as play a hand of poker with you, but he knows quite a few tales, and for a campfire companion, you could do worse, especially with there are a few romeo’s around, he’ll pick them off before you even knew they were there, almost as if he could smell the dead on the wind. Age is catching up with him, but Roamer’s a tough old timer, and it’ll take more then a few fancied up rotting corpses to take this man down. A head-shot takes them down all the same.

Stanton "Roamer" Creed Jr.

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