Warbot #0017

WARBOT #0017


Experience gained 20 Experience Spent 20

EXP unspent=0

Str 5*
Int 3
Dex 3
Per 3
Con 5*
Wil 3

LP 72/65(80)
EP 39/44
Sp 15/15
Es 3/22

Hard to Kill 5
Fast Reaction Time 2
Nerves of Steel 3
Resist Pain 7
Situational Awareness 2

Delusional (Robot) -3
Non Charisma -2
Honor Lvl2 -2
Humorless -2

Surveillance 4
Notice 4
Computers 5
Computer Hacking 5
Intimidation 5
Guns-Handguns 1
Guns-Rifles 5
Guns-Sub machine Guns 1
Guns-Assault Rifles 5
Guns-Shotguns 1
Hand Weapons-Axe 6


Sleeping Bag
Water Purification Tablets
Road Flares
Dead Batteries
mp3 player+Headphones
LARP-Grade Armor (= Leather armor) D6+1 EV 2/1
2 Handed War Axe(Lobo) Damage = d8+1x(5) Armor Protection is Subtracted after Damage
M16 Assault Rifle 100 rounds Damage= d8x4 22/11
M1903 Springfield 5 Rounds Damage= D8x4 8/4
AP and HP rounds for each.


Name: WARBOT #0017
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Age: Approximately 21
Height: 5’9
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: None. Body is hairless, and WARBOT #0017 shaves off everything including his eyebrows.
Eyes: Blue

WARBOT #0017 (pronounced Oh-Oh-One Seven) believes himself to be a prototype Artificial Intelligence combat robot constructed shortly after it became clear that the infection could not be stopped, developed with top of the line U.S. military technology for the sole purpose of taking on the Zombie threat and defeating it. This, for several obvious reasons, cannot be the truth.
From a complete knowledge of gun weaponry, to a particular skill with a large shovel/battle axe hybrid named ‘Lobo’, clad in armor from head to toe and blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the ability with withstand an incredible amount of damage without any pain; even if he is not truly a machine, WARBOT is a (deluded) force to be feared. Thankfully, this delusion primarily involves the belief that whenever possible human life, however inferior the squishy meatbag shells make them, should be spared, he is not a threat to anyone that
would attempt to help him complete his primary objective.. Total destruction of every undead squishy on earth!

His ‘true’ name and identity are long lost to the fog of delusion. Occasionally, slips of his former identity will come passing through when asking him about his past, though he chalks these up to nothing more then ‘glitches in the advanced programs meant to simulate
sentience’. What has been pieced together through his own meticulous cataloguing of these ‘incidents’, tells us that whoever raised him from youth, (perhaps his father, but we may never know,) was military, and trained him to fight the rising tide of undead. This, the WARBOT attributes to his built-in “Combat Protocols”.
At some point, this figure and him fled whatever location they had been holed up in, and found themselves cornered in a gaming and hobby store; his guardian was killed at some point during this, and he acquired the armor that is now the WARBOT’s face.
It seems likely that losing the sole person in his life at that point is what caused the mental break leading to his current delusional state.

Since then the WARBOT has been wandering from town to town, somehow not being swarmed and torn to bits by the Infected, and killing every Zed that comes between him and whichever direction he’s currently trying to go.


Carl: While WARBOT believes Carl’s continued existence offends the logical and natural order of the universe, he would NEVER actively seek to harm Carl; it is highly unlikely that he would attempt to rescue him from pending or certain death, either, however, seeing this death as the most logical course of action for the universe.
He does, however perversely, consider Carl to be a friend, though.

Roamer: WARBOT considers Roamer to be a close friend, and the least crazy of his current squishy companions, if you can believe that!
Roamer has been his friend for the longest, a matter of only a few months; originally meeting each other in the wasteland that is Mexico today, and only recently joining the same (current) group.

Warbot #0017

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