Toyota J40

Ash's Truck


Land cruiser retouched

Manufacturer: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Year: 1979
Engine: Ramjet 350 [5.7L, 350hp at 4,600rpm, 350 lb-ft torque at 2,800rpm]
Transmission: 4-Speed 4L60 [4:11 ratio]
Tires: 255-70R15 [29.1″ × 7.2″]
Extras: Electric winch power by a spare battery, ARB onboard air compressor, long range fuel tanks, air bumper, ARB air lockers, and beadlocks.

Game Info

Weight:2000 Speed: 70/50
Acceleration: 20 Range:420
Toughness: 40 Handling:3
DC: 70 AV: 2


Ash’s father bought this truck as a project just after the family had settled in Australia. He had purchased the new engine and transmission, but only had time to install new engine mounts before the outbreak. Left to the wayside with more important matters on everybody’s minds it sat in the garage for years. Just over a decade after the outbreak Ash restarted the project finishing it within months as his need for a reliable off-road vehicle increased. From then on the Land Cruiser was the engineer’s primary form of transport.

As he came to travel more and more seeking work he started thinking about making sleeping in the truck safer and more comfortable. This lead to him adding a camper, modified to fit around the roll bar, to the rear of the truck. It’s a custom job with the rear door of the trailer shut, a choice made both for added security and because the spare tire blocked the door anyway, and creating an entrance through the cab. The addition turned the well used truck into a home.

Toyota J40

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