Day Three

Ash account of the events;

We’d taken what we could from Outpost Alpha and had the strange Kevlar-coated experiment tied to the back of my truck so he couldn’t harm anybody. Stella was upset and said she’d shoot the next person to point a gun at him. Must be somebody she knows, but I don’t think she’ll talk about it.

On the way back to the ranch, Sal’s rig pulled up along side of us and we explained what happened at Outpost Alpha and we let her know she was welcome to come back to the ranch with us. She agreed and we all convoyed back to the ranch. However when we got there Felix pulled Christoph aside.

He radioed me to take my truck around and away from Stella so we could get rid of the experiment on the back of our truck. We pulled him down and my shotgun did the job of taking his head off, at the cost of four point blank buckshot rounds to the head. Evidently we didn’t trick Stella and she came in and fired off a shot, damn near cost me an eye.

Reacting without thinking I fired two rounds off before I knew who it was – she ended up a mess – we’re going to need to take a leg off and I think her guts are pretty bad off. Anyway, I rushed to get a med kit when Ginger comes in and starts helping us save her. Christoph and I were gophers and I didn’t even realize how bad I was shot until it was over and my face was getting cleaned, iced, and wrapped in tensor bandages. Thankfully it was just to the right of my right eye, it’ll be a nasty scar and my ear’s got a new hole, but I’ll live.

After we had Stella stable we all decided that we shouldn’t just stay still. Putting our heads together Sal mentioned that Southtown has some diggers they might trade. So I whipped up some bullets, paying for what Ginger did for Stella, and 25kg of ANFO for trade. Mixing it all went well and soon we were off.

Along the way we saw this crazy guy, Carl, who was dusting himself off, unharmed from a helicopter crash. I don’t know much about him but rumor has he’s rich and events later on show that he’s loaded beyond all reason. Either way we gave him a ride and he got us into Northtown for free. The night went well and soon we were off for our destination – Carl in a freshly delivered helicopter. As we entered the canyon the mist showed up again but the Glowsticks were too far away to shoot them. Carl did hit one with his helicopter and then parachute down to the dam entrance, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The gates were closed, but with the information we gave about the mist we got in.

Once in we quickly negotiated for a digger, a bobcat, and a flat-bed trailer for the ANFO and the info. We loaded them up quickly, but before we could leave the zombies attacked. They were smart about this, they disabled most of our cameras but we thought we were safe due to the 3-feet thick steel door of the main spill-way. We were wrong.

Those Kevlar-coated bastards can put dents in three-foot thick steel doors so we moved the vehicles away from the entrance and we set a trap. 10kg of ANFO to the face ruined one of them right off, but the other held the doors open so the Glowsticks could come in. We mopped them up, but that green goo they explode into is worse than the mist for draining you. Just before the last Kevlar left he tossed an excavator at us…"

Ginger’s view of the events…

“The last few days have been insane.

So I’d been scouting out this ‘Outpost Alpha’ to see if it was safe when the damn thing blew up like so many fireflies in a microwave when I noticed that Ash was here (the demolitions guy, great source of ammo) and followed him and this skinhead from a distance just to see what he was up to because he was a friendly face. I tail him back to a ranch and watched him tag a weird-looking zombie, then out of nowhere, this woman they’d been traveling with just fucking walks up and tries to kill him. Well, both the bald guy and Ash put bullets in her, so I made myself known and managed to stabilize her. Shin’s busted, but I think I got all the fragments out of her gut, which to me is a win. Afterward, I got introduced to Christoph (skinhead), Stella (buck shot), and this trucker named Sal who looks like Vaida from Fire Emblem if Vaida was more rugged and had brown hair in a ponytail.

Anyway, after this, the group decided to go get some digging machines, and I came along because of my negotiating abilities, to my reluctance. I rode along with Ash; unfortunately that meant going with Christoph as well, and he is terrifying, but it was better than going with the trucker chick, who could probably snap my neck with one hand. On our way to Northtown or whatever it’s called, some guy crashed a helicopter and no joke, walked out of the blast unscathed. His name is Carl, and he loves two things: tapdancing and ‘Fluttershy,’ which is what he calls this yellow and pink toy he keeps in his suit (yes, of course he wears a suit). Apparently he’s well known around here and fabulously privileged. He ended up riding with us too and needless to say I was on edge the entire time.

So we got to Northtown and didn’t have to pay the tariff because Carl talked them out of it. They were showing a movie called ‘Sound of Music’ which I guess was about Neo-Nazi zombies trying to kill a family for going over their child limit, and the woman they were traded to saving them or something, I don’t really know, I was busy playing Yoshi’s Island.

The next day, we made it to Southtown and had to talk our way in because these zombies this group calls ‘Glowsticks’ were causing the gross mist from the other place to fill the valley. Of course Carl took action by flying his helicopter into one and then landing just inside the gate. We traded the ANFO (Ash made ANFO to trade) to the people in Southtown for the digger machines, but before we left, another kevlar-coated zombie like the one Ash and Christoph shot busted in and held the doors of the dam open and a bunch of glow-zombies invaded. We took care of them (almost pissed my pants when two crawled onto the digger I was in, but I managed to take them both out with perfect shots), but Ash and I ended up in the mist and as we ran out, the digger we were in came barreling out at us. I was damn near crushed to death, and I feel a lot weaker after spending so much time in the mist, but I’m still alive, presumably because fate thinks this wouldn’t be a violent enough way for me to meet my end. I’m thinking I might stick with these guys for a while, though. If this is the new order of things, I sure won’t be able to make it alone."

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Day Three

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