Day Four Synopsis

Ash’s Account:

We’d figured the fight was done after that digger came flying through, but those Kevlar are crafty and he used it as a distraction to get behind us and make a break for the ladders leading to the rest of the dam. We we’re pretty exhausted and wouldn’t have been able to catch the freak if Autumn hadn’t pissed it off by shooting it with that hand cannon she carries. Moon and Daisy-Lee were there as well, must have been moving quick to get there enough ahead that we didn’t see them at Northtown. There was also this new guy, Simon I think,who has this crazy ass military truck – I’ll have to talk shop with him about it later, some of that tech is neat.

Anyway, the Kevlar wasn’t as bright as we thought;he focused on Autumn while we took his ass apart. The zombie, and her own damned gun, did a number on the poor girl and she’s going to be down a hand and laid up a long while after the pounding she took. We did get her stable though so there is hope of her getting back to the Ranch safe and sound.

With the fighting over we figured we were owed a bit extra for what we did and we loaded up with everything we could carry. By the time we had all the trailers rigged you could hardly move even in that huge space. Then we realized the doors were all wrecked up. Thankfully with
a bit of planning and some quick work rigging lines Simon’s super winch got those doors opened. Of course before we could actually open the door, the former mayor got all pissy so I handed him an explosive charge to blow the ladders leading into the main area of the dam. The fool handled it like it was a bucket of water… I’m just glad he was far enough away when he set it all off.
We left the dam with Simon’s rig taking lead and Carl flying off with his helicopter. The drive was mostly uneventful, but then we met with Carl and his helicopter again. The idiot parked it in the road so Simon had no choice but to smash through it. Lost his second trailer and a dump truck to the impact, but everybody seems fine so it could have been much worse all told. Of course any telling should include the fact that Carl, crazy as he is, at least had some useful info and warned us that Christoph’s Ranch was surrounded by that mist.
Between minefields and terrain we couldn’t get in, so we waited. While we waited Christoph convinced Simon, some sort of crazy doctor, to get rid of his Kevlar tissue samples. We hope that’ll keep the Glowsticks away long enough for us to find a good place to hold out at.

Also, before I forget, that Ginger sure is something. You expect heroics from big macho sorts, but he’s a tiny frail looking dude who has no bones about handling explosives rigged up in the back of a truck on a moments notice. He’s also patched us up better than anybody
short of Christoph’s Mom might. Medical skills, and balls enough to stand in a fight. He’s a guy I’d let ride with me anytime, right up there with Christoph and Moon.

Ginger’s diary part 2: Electric Boogaloo

So after what I last wrote, I was somehow still alive. The Kevlar OF COURSE got into the dam and started heading for the innocents (thank fate) but unfortunately, this teenage girl whose name was a season shot it a little bit and the Kevlar attacked her. Well, I wasn’t about to waste bullets on it, but Sal seemed glad to, and I used the cover of her fire to run over to Christoph. I started to help him out of the digger collision he’d survived hilariously easily but thought better of it and went to help Ash put together another bomb. Don’t judge me, Christoph would probably have mistaken me for a snack to regain energy like it was Gauntlet Legends if I’d stuck around. Frankly, I feel lucky that he hasn’t told me I have a face made for bruising yet. Oh yeah, on that note, I got absolutely covered in that goo stuff when I got smacked with a vehicle and I had to rip off my hoodie and pants. It was pretty awkward standing there in nothing but my long-sleeved shirt, toque, gloves, hiking boots, and only one pair of pants on. I’m not sure if anyone saw how bruised up I am underneath the clothes, so if things go south, I might have to move on soon. I do know that after that, everyone referred to me as a she.

Anyway, back on track. Ash finished the bomb and asked me to throw it, and to the surprise of no one, I threw it behind us by accident. Thankfully, my immediate grovelling and general patheticness saved me from being whaled on like a bongo drum for my insubordination. It all turned out fine, though, because this guy I hadn’t noticed before in a crazy military machine caught the Kevlar with his truck and Sal shot it dead. Then, completely spontaneously, everyone, even Ash, decided that we should all do my favourite thing, which is loot and pillage everything with absolutely no regard for anyone else. I know you’re thinking, ‘Ginger, this sounds like TOO LUCKY of a day,’ but I swear to you that it’s true! I found a couple batteries, an old tape of someone who called themself ‘Super Tramp’ which I will play when I’m alone later, a lot of kleenex, a new brown hoodie (swipe!) two mismatched left shoes, a teacup, an old backpack, and an old-fashioned pregnancy test (seems like it still worked – it said I’m not pregnant.) Alistork the Mayor got really angry at us, so Ash gave him the bucket of bomb that I dropped and the guy managed to blow himself up. We joined up with Simon the van guy, this biker dude called Moon and a little girl called Daisy Lee who Ash knew. I don’t know what it is with people in this group having nouns for names. Me (I’m given to understand that ginger is also a spice), Ash, Moon, Daisy, Autumn. I ended up having to ride with Simon because he needed someone to operate the machine guns, and since I’m the only one who plays video games in the group, that made me the most qualified person there. Oh yeah, I managed to save the girl, Autumn. Christoph and Ash offered to help patch me up, but there was no way I was going to let them see the purple and green quilt that is my body after a rough spot. I managed to talk them out of it and took care of myself in the back of the party van. I’ve never met a neo-Nazi who was very big on sick people, and I’m not sure I could outrun him.

We moved along back to the Deaths Head Ranch at a pretty good click. Simon reminds me a lot of the doctor, in that they’re both science types with drug vices. Carl took off in another whirlybird, so I thought he’d probably head home, but we saw him landed on the road not far from the ranch. Instead of stopping, Simon decided to rev the engine and blast on through, and $%#@% it was terrifying and I nearly died from the recoil of driving through a freaking helicopter. Well, it turns out that there are a bunch of Glowsticks around the ranch, and we ‘killed Fluttershy.’ So my next update will probably come from the afterlife.

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Day Four Synopsis

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