Day One Synopsis

Just The Facts, Please…

  • While hanging around at the end of the day, Ash, Billy-Bob, Isaac, Moon and Christoph hear of an attack on the ACAF daily patrol and are asked to assist. Stella stays at the Mess Hall, chatting with a very flirty (Dr.Jade); Billy-Bob opts to stay back at the Outpost while the others drive out in two trucks and a bike.
  • Arriving at the Patrol vehicle, they find a mass of Romeos surrounding it and 4 large, green-glowing Einsteins seeming to be ‘directing’ the mob. Quickly formulating a plan, the group begins circling and opening fire on the Romeos, shredding a few, and lobbing sticks and bundles of dynamite at the mob, blasting more. One of the soldiers takes that chance to bolt from the vehicle but is dragged down and slaughtered in a heartbeat. Then they swarm the roof, ripping and prying at every opening. In under a minute, the Romeos have ripped open the Humvee and killed another one of the ACAF soldiers; prying him out and ripping him apart. The survivors are panicking inside, spraying bullets at the turret-hatch, running out in mere seconds. The horde seems strangely unaware of the efforts of the party, ignoring hits and continuing to attack the Humvee with relentless fury.
  • After more concentrated fire from the circling vehicles takes out another half-dozen or so Romeos, the thrown dynamite blasting yet more, Moon takes a shot at one of the glowing Einsteins, finally getting it’s attention by hitting it square in the chest and blowing a large hole in it. It falls, the glow fading slightly and re-surging, before rising and coming for him again. Another shot takes out its leg, dropping it again, still another clips an ear; it meets Moon as he circles, catching his bike and savagely ripping into his back with its claws before losing it’s other leg to Moon’s viciously swung crow-bar and becoming dislodged by some fancy driving, tumbling aside damaged but (dead)alive.
  • Meanwhile, Ash has been driving around, hitting them with blasts from his formidable auto-Shotgun, chopping Romeos into dog-meat with almost every shot, Isaac in his passenger seat tossing TNT at the mob. Christoph is also circling, auto-firing away clips of 7.62, shredding over a dozen Romeos.
  • After the hatch is pried open and the dead ACAF soldier is dragged out, and a blast of TNT clears the roof, Isaac leaps out of the truck and onto the Humvee, trying to help the soldiers inside escape. Finding the hatch warped beyond repair and the soldiers inside blind with panic, he turns to defend himself but is dragged off the vehicle by the razor-sharp claws of an attacking Romeo.
  • Acting quickly, Christoph swerves at the group of Romeos gathered over Isaac, neatly driving over him and allowing him to hop up onto the bed of his truck and escape. Ash tries to drive-over one of the glowing Einsteins, hitting it squarely in the chest and almost completely destroying it, denting the fenders and cracking a light in the process ; unfortunately, it also explodes, sending glowing green crud and entrails spattering along the front and left sides of his vehicle.
  • Around now the two remaining soldiers hopped out of the patrol vehicle and started running in fear, in different directions. Moon goes after the soldier, Ash goes after the Lt. The soldier proves more trouble than anticipated, struggling free of Moon’s grasp and darting in a different direction. Meanwhile, Ash has caught up the the Lt. and convinced him to slow his headlong flight and get in his vehicle.
    Christoph helps corral the soldier, getting him into the back of his truck with Isaac.
  • Ash learns from Lt. Smith that the Romeos had somehow disabled the Humvee, in the initial swarming attack, before the glowing Einsteins had shown themselves; he notes that it was only moments before you arrived that they appeared, and “did anybody see where they went?” One of the soldiers, Darrell, confirms that, and asks if anyone else made it..he doesn’t remember a whole lot. The first guy to try and run was his younger brother, Darrel; “He had always been a little skittish, now I’ve gotta try and tell our ma’”
  • After rendezvousing, the party heads back towards the Outpost, getting back in good time. Along the way, wounds are tended, first aid is applied and tales are exchanged. Back at Outpost Alpha, ???

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Day One Synopsis

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