Day Two

Ash’s Account:

Shortly after rescuing the two soldiers from their disabled hummer the group starts driving back to Outpost Alpha. As we drive, the radioactive green mist, a common sight in most areas, starts to act strangely, closing in around the Outpost seemingly directed by the glowing green Einsteins. Moon, in spite of protests from Ash, guns his motorcycle through the mist and, thanks to the quick actions of Daisy-Lee, makes it into the base. Outside, Christoph decides that wasting shots on the green-glowing Einsteins at range is futile so the group that stayed behind waits.

The group isn’t waiting long as a power failure soon drops the charge on the electric fence and they make a hasty escape. Daisy-Lee‘s armored hummer, packed with people, smashes through the gate and Moon’s motorcycle, with Stella riding on the bike’s trailer, follows close behind. Even with the vehicle moving so quickly the Romeos manage to grab on and start trying to get into the vehicle. They are quickly picked off by shots from Moon, Ash, and a surprise head shot from the drunken Stella.

With the base evacuated Christoph suggests they head for the safety of his family’s compound a few miles away. The group agrees, but arrives to find the Ranch covered in a green mist and gunshots coming from within the impenetrable fog. They form the vehicles they arrived in, along with two of the Ranch’s F350s, into a ring and set out to patrol the outside of the mist. The group finds nothing and is just about to leave as the mist clears.

The cleared mist reveals bodies torn to shreds, but no sign of any zombies. Thankfully, for Christoph anyway, they were just extra ranch-hands that couldn’t fit in the bunker and it turns out his family was safely tucked away. Short handed now, the Sturm family offers to take on anybody who’s willing to work, though few commit to signing on before checking out the base to see what state it’s in. Moon adds to this idea by suggesting that they salvage what they can from the base using vehicles to haul it and Ash tools to aid in the salvage.

Arriving back at the Outpost it’s clear this is a salvage mission as the fuel dump is burning, evidently set off by an incendiary grenade. Salvage itself yields beds and bedding, a mini fridge, a microwave and popcorn, and the entire chain link fence and posts. Then the group turns to taking the green outbuilding down only to find that they haven’t the cutting torch fuel or saw blades to cut around the two inch thick steel shell. Instead they make a hole and Isaac crawls inside only to find a second barrier. This second hard plastic barrier is filled with acid and he narrowly escapes the flow. Pressing in past the second layer he finds a man-sized sack, made of the same material as the second barrier and he cuts into that as well and isn’t able to escape the acid flow this time. In spite of Christoph and Moon pulling him free it’s too late and medical attention only keeps him alive a short while before he finally succumbs to the vicious acid-like burns.

Not wanting to make the loss of life for nothing the group goes in once more and finds a missing man, presumed dead after a zombie bite, with Kevlar grafted into his skin in places. Stella seems to know this man, as evidenced by how she gets upset when guns are pointed at him, but doesn’t reveal how to the group. Being cautious the group ties the man up and attaches him to the winch from Ash’s Land Cruiser, ready to pull him under the tires of the truck should he be hostile. Strange man in tow, the group starts out to return the salvage to the Ranch

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Day Two

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