Felix Shares Her Report...

Day one.

Left the ranch, headed for the harbour. Our brüder died there; time to discover why.
After mom left for that thing, Jade, I don’t know what to do… Vater is flipping out, saying that she was a traitor to the cause, consorting with Jade like that.
That night was eerie, the glowing Mist moving, seeking life almost… I used our old drop-point as my safe house; still in good repair after all these years.
I found one of my brüder’s old jackets, the back torn apart but bloodless…his vest must have taken some damage though. I remember him in it, dropping romeos left and right with his favourite landeschnect sword, and that made me think of my other brüder, slaying Romeos with his favoured sword…
I miss them both, Müder too.

Day two.

Made it to the mooring for the tanker…not there. Using my scope, I managed to find it, sitting a few miles off shore; no sign of activity, but there wasn’t before either, apparently… Have to get out there, somehow.
Spotted a small vessel coming back to port from the tanker, gonna wait, maybe ambush them when they return to the launch. 12, heavily armed and armoured, look very well trained…maybe rethink my plans.
Again, at night, the Mist is moving, came too close for me; had to retreat, keep moving to avoid its tendrils. Did manage to track down the hide-out of the men from the launch; a church graveyard, inside one of the mausoleums.
Unfortunately for them, so did the Mist and the Glowsticks inside it…I heard their screams for hours, before the Mist swallowed them.
Saw a half dozen if those new type, the Kevlars, tear the walls apart; verdammt, those things are strong!
Don’t have to take them now, hope I don’t run into the Mist again; not likely on the water.

Day Three.

Took the launch to the tanker. As it looked, abandoned, except for the men I had seen before…screams in the night, an unholy mess after the massacre, not pretty, not pretty at all…
Looks like they were just looting, not associated with the tanker owners, or anyone else as far as I can tell; heavily armed, though…mental note – return and seize, aft mechanical locker.
After looking around, found the compartment where Brüder was killed… Still can’t find why he was killed…what was he looking for…gotta keep looking, in the morning…searched almost the whole ship…what am I missing?..
I don’t even know what it was they brought back after he died; not what he was sent looking for, according to Father; though Müder was immediately intrigued and argued to keep it, Verdammt dangerous says Christoph, even though he did side with Müder that day…of course, we did get attacked right after we got it; not like that’s stopped either.

Day Four.

Sheise! Nothing on this verdammt ship! What did they find here? There’s nothing! Lots of empty, scrubbed space says there was something here, but it’s not here anymore…so where did it all go?

Day Five.

Göttern dämmerung! The computers on-board were wiped, had to wire in new power, fried my long-range sat-phone, managed to find the only zombie for miles; a strange one, to tell the truth, not at all aggressive, almost docile…put it out of it’s misery; all in a days work…
…satellite up-links are hard to hack, but got it before the end of the day; last port-of-call was a well-hidden facility just along the coast from the docks.
…found a schematic and entrance location, only a days travel from here…
I’ll head out tomorrow; haven’t seen the Mist along this section of the coast for a few days, Gott sei Dank. Should be clear for my trip. I hope Müder and brüder is ok, wherever they are…

Day Six.

No problems getting to the entrance. Easy enough to hack the door, but it shut off immediately after; some built-in security measure no doubt.
Inside is definitely strange, but abandoned…not interesting until I saw the motionless zombies in every part of the installation, all very well preserved; the dry and stagnant air sure must have helped with that.
Mostly women, strangely. I couldn’t bring myself to waste bullets on the girls, docile as they were, and also a sheise-load of them, but the males were more aware and aggressive, definitely a threat.
More door hacking leads to more dead terminals, but at least I made it to some sort of control room. Apparently my entrance to the room triggered some sort of awakening among the Romeos and Juliets.
Cameras were on already, weird. More than 300ft below the surface? Room #2011? Where the Hölle am I?!

I’m gonna try splicing my cel-phone into the satellite up-link computers, see if I can find my brüder and his friends…

Felix Shares Her Report...

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