Settlements and More

Promethius Base (near Santa Margarita, Mexico), on the baja spit is home to Commander Richard Holland, formerly head of the RA/6-3 Research team in the Australian Congress. Almost a thousand ACAF soldiers are also stationed at this main Base, along with the crew serving the ACAF Chinook helicopter that is used to transport people and goods from the Base to Outpost Alpha.

Outpost Alpha (near Navajoa, Mexico), is a large geodesic dome constructed of reinforced concrete slabs, layered and surrounded with electrified wire fencing. This Outpost hosts almost 30 personnel, headed by Dr. Davidson, and includes a small motor pool and infirmary, along with enough soldiers to mount a 24hr patrol rotation. Located a little under a hundred kilometers from the coast, it is situated near an old Coke-Cola factory that has been looted many times, not to mention burnt out, and the remnants of a small town, only a few buildings still whole. The closest surviving settlements have begun trading cautiously with the outpost, and are known as Southtown and Northtown.
The starting location for the campaign. Rachel and Marie Philips lived/worked here. They have relocated to another settlement.
Destroyed by an incendiary device, by persons unknown; surviving staff include Lt. Smith, two Medics (Sarah Sylo and Daniel Talbot, currently in a ‘relationship’), Pvt. Darrell (he recently lost his brother in an attack on his Patrol Humvee), Pvt. Johnson (currently infatuated with Autumn), Pvt. Sinclair (commonly on gate duty, he is a likeable kid), Cpl. Rodriguez (his parents were from this area), and Dr. Jade Davidson (Second in command of the Outpost, more than a little infatuated with Commander Holland).

Southtown (north of Ramos, Mexico), a ‘town’ of only about 200, is actually built into a dam, the water having run off decades ago. The residents have managed to bring in a large diesel generator and hung a plethora of scavenged solar panels from the front of the dam and are powering some tools and other items, along with basic lighting and heating inside the dam. All approaches to the dam have been extensively mined, making any approach risky at best. Residents discourage visitors, preferring to conduct business on the first, upper, level, rarely allowing visitors further inside. Trading days are signaled to the outside world via flags with various symbols.
Due to the main spill-way door being blasted off its track and subsequently torn asunder by main force, this ‘town’ has been over-run…many dozens of people are now dead, dozens more changed by the virus.
Jack Philips was a soldier here. Isaac spent a lot of his time traveling between here and Outpost Alpha for Rachel Philips.

Northtown (near Parral, Mexico) has a very open ‘town’ concept, being composed entirely of motor-homes and rvs of one size or another. The ‘town’ is a pretty static thing, individual vehicles able to move in and out of the ‘town’ at will, an old drive-in theatre comprised of an old projector building/restaurant and separate washrooms/ generator building , surrounded by a tall, barb-wire topped fence. Security is provided via the electrified outer fence; each entering vehicle must hand over, at minimum, the equivalent of 60 volts of batteries, 15 rounds of ammo or a pound of fresh produce as an entrance/trading fee.
Christoph last saw The Hand here.
After being over-run by the largest mob of Romeos ever seen, only a very few managed to flee in time. These survivors are now wandering alone, looking for a safe haven or maybe a quick deal or robbery…

Deaths Head Ranch (Neo-Nazi HQ) (near Rancho Agua Blanca, Mexico), is located within an old, dilapidated looking mountain ranch-house, set up decades ago with an extensive bunker and water/air filtration systems. The facility is heavily fortified, but suffered from one design flaw…lack of EM shielding. It is currently powered by a series of diesel generators, subsidized by a few scrounged-up solar panels.
The Bunker
Under ranch bunker plan
Christoph’s childhood home. It has thus far withstood a number of attacks by Road Gangs, mostly being targeted by ‘The Highwaymen’ and the Outlaws’; so far, no large groups of Romeos have attacked.A strange mist enveloped the ranch-house, something within dismembering the ranch-hands present; not being able to penetrate the secure bunker beneath, the mist soon dissipated. All 15 hands died, ripped apart bodily; no sign of the attacker was found, only the torn apart bodies attesting to the presence of any attackers.

The Drummen Farm (north of Pecos, Texas, off of Interstate 285), has a number of small out buildings scattered around its 20 acres, and a large red barn and farm-house. Approach is along a narrow, winding dirt road, spike-strips scattered along its length to discourage vehicles and inhibit the occasional mob of Romeos.
Ash’s sister, brother-in-law and niece live here.

The North Road starts near the former border-town of Manuel Ojinaga, following Interstate 67 to Marfa, Texas before continuing north on Route 17 til Fort Dixon, then turning to follow Route 118 into the mountains and the township of Kent, Texas. Turning onto Interstate 10 eastbound, take the exit for Interstate 20 towards Pecos, Texas, the end of the North Road. The North Road, although not the fastest route to the North, is the least likely to be swarmed by Romeos, although Road Gangs such as ‘The Highwaymen’ and the Outlaws’, have been known to attack travelers.
Before traveling the North Road, it is generally a good idea to check in with the self-styled ‘Governor of the North’, Los Cojones, in Manuel Ojinaga.
Ash, Moon and Ginger have traveled via the North Road in the past.

Carl’s Palace is what Carl calls his home of over 30 years…a former Bell helicopter plant on the coast, it was virtually untouched, being perched on the highest point on the coast. Even with the abundance of semi-repaired and half finished helicopters, Carl has managed to destroy almost all of the even-vaguely flight-worthy craft; not to mention there are no more staff trained to fly helicopters left at the plant…
This formidable and very serious-looking installation predates the Rage virus outbreak, yet has a very large number of air scrubbers and auxiliary power plants attached to the very-well secured grounds and facility.
Entry is by chip-card or implant only…the only survivors with this chip so far are Carl, Jr. and his butler, Gee. One of the larger buildings on the property is a large satellite-communications building surrounded by a separate, secure enclosure. Even Carl hasn’t been in here…

Settlements and More

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