• Christine Sturm

    Christine Sturm

    A very handsome woman, even at age 65. Mother of Christoph and Felix, married to Michael.
  • Commander Holland

    Commander Holland

    A stern, bitter man; unfortunately he's also Head of the R&D division of the ACAF, and got himself posted to the NorAm Sector for more autonomy...
  • Corp. Manny Rodriguez

    Corp. Manny Rodriguez

    A jovial, smiling man, he plays up the humor in any situation. Especially the dangerous ones.
  • Daniel Mellor

    Daniel Mellor

    Former soldier turned medic, he is suspicious of everyone until they prove themselves; Married to Sara.
  • Darius 'Warlock' Fletcher

    Darius 'Warlock' Fletcher

    A computer geek, known to his friends as 'Warlock'; Darius was in the right place at the right time, literally! He's lived in a bomb-shelter since age 11 (he's now 44..), and communicates with the outside world only through his home-made CB/UHF radio...
  • Dr. Jade Davidson

    Dr. Jade Davidson

    A strikingly beautiful oriental, she exudes confidence; she is also known as a very cold person, untouched by her patients' suffering, and not associating with the other medical staff, at all...
  • Einstein


    The more-intelligent version of the basic RA/6-3 victim.
  • Felix Sturm

    Felix Sturm

    A slight, dark-haired girl; she is deceptively tough and surprisingly mean. Christoph's sister.
  • Jethro 'Crazy Eight' Elmerson

    Jethro 'Crazy Eight' Elmerson

    A biker and all-round bad ass, he's been roaming the countryside, trying his damndest to track down the SOBs who put him in jail, more than 30 years ago...
  • Juliet


    More docile than the Romeos, and more attractive, these specimens appear barely dead.
  • Los Cojones

    Los Cojones

    The self-styled 'Governor of the North', based in Manuel Ojinaga, at the start of The North Road; this person is known to be very picky and capricious, agreeing to things on their own specific terms, then changing the deal at the last minute.
  • Lt. Horatio Smith

    Lt. Horatio Smith

    Rescued from certain death by a group of PCs, he owes his life to the group...
  • Michael Sturm

    Michael Sturm

    A very stern, tough looking old man; leader of the Deaths Head Neo-Nazi group. Married to Christine, father of Christoph and Felix.
  • Pvt. Darrel Daniels

    Pvt. Darrel Daniels

    One of a trio of brothers, the only survivor.
  • Pvt. James 'Jim-Bob' Johnson

    Pvt. James 'Jim-Bob' Johnson

    A tall, fair-haired young man, his open face and earnest expression can be deceptive...
  • Romeo


    The basic model of RA/6-3 victim.
  • S.Sarg. Terry Hansen

    S.Sarg. Terry Hansen

    Supply Sargeant with the ACAF outpost in NorAm Sector; he's known to be able to find any old parts, being a collector himself...
  • Sam  Sheppard

    Sam Sheppard

    He is an old tow-truck driver, secure in his old junkyard on the right side of the us/mexico border...the not-radioactive side!
  • Sara Mellor

    Sara Mellor

    A paramedic by training, she was part of the now-destroyed Outpost Alpha; married to Daniel.
  • Stan 'The Hand' Sleeman

    Stan 'The Hand' Sleeman

    A ferrety-looking man, he seems to ooze bad taste and depravity; wanted in most towns for body-harvesting, he's known to run with a group of renegade AWOL soldiers in NorAm Sector...