Ash Drummen

Demolition Technician and Mechanic


Basic Stats:

Experience Gained: 58 – Experience Spent: 49

Str: 3 – Dex: 3 – Con: 3 – Int: 4 – Per: 4 – Wil: 2
Life Points: 49 – Endurance Points: 32 – Speed: 12 – Essence: 19

Qualities: 21

-Acute Sight 2
-Contacts (Scroungers) 3
-Fast Reaction Time 2
-Hard to Kill 5
-Nerves of Steel 3
-Resources: Well Off 4
-Situational Awareness 2

Drawbacks: 6

-Clown 1
-Crippled (Left Hand) 1
-Addiction (Alcohol) 1
-Addiction (Cigarettes) 1
-Reckless 2

Skills: 42

-Brawling 2 (5)
-Craft (Explosives) 5 (9)
-Craft (Weapons) 3 (7)
-Demolitions 5 (9)
-Dodge 4 (7)
-Drive (Truck) 4 (7)
-Electronics 3 (7)
-Engineering 1 (5)
-First Aid 4 (8)
-Guns (Shotgun) 5 (8)
-Hand Weapon (Crowbar) 2 (5)
-Intimidation 2 (Real 5, Bluff 6)
-Mechanic 5 (9)
-Medicine 3 (7)
-Notice 4 (8)
-Traps 3 (Devising 7, Detecting 7)


-1979 Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota J40
—Vehicle Radio
-Truck-bed Trailer
-Loads of Basic Tools (Hammers, Sockets, Wrenches, Saws, Basic Power Tools, Car Lighter Power Adapter, Basic Welder)
-Mechanics, Demolitions, and Weapons Smith Tools
-Lots of Rope
-Spare Batteries (Truck and smaller types)
-Medics First Aid Kit
-Large Water Jugs
-Flare Gun
-Sleeping Bags
-Survival Rations [21 days]
-Water Purifier
-Cutting Torch
-Fire Exingiusher
-Metal Detector
-Baretta AL391-Xtrema2 w/ Red Dot Sight [Range: 10/30/50/100/200 – Capacity: 11 – EV: 8/4 (+2 to aiming tasks, -2 per shot after the first in the same round)]
-Boxes of Shotgun Shells (Buckshot) [Amount: 50 – Damage: D8 x 6 – To Hit: +1 (Armor Value is doubled)]
-Boxes of Shotgun Shells (Deer Slugs) [Amount: 50 – Damage: D8 x 5 (2x Damage vs. Flesh)]
-Boxes of Shotgun Shells (Hollow-point Deer Slugs) [Amount: 25 – Damage: D8 x 5 (3 x Damage vs. Flesh, Armor Value is doubled)]
-Boxes of Shotgun Shells (Bird Shot) [Amount: 50 – Damage: D6 x 5 – To Hit: +2 (Armor Value is doubled)]
-Crowbar [Damage: D8 x 3 (One-handed) or D8 x 4 (Two-handed) – EV: 2/1]
-Class IIa Armor [Armor Value: D6 x 2 + 9 – EV: 4/2]
-Reloading Kit
-Battered Copy of the Terrorists Handbook
-Case of Cigars
-Hip Flask


-Comfy Boots
-Cargo Pants
-Wife Beater
-Old Military Shirt
-Ball Cap


Name: Ashton Darrel Drummen
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Age: 37 (Birthday: March 13)
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 185lb.
Hair: Black, grey about the ears
Eyes: Grey
Other: Light Stubble, Crows Feet, Missing Pinkie and Ring Finger on Left Hand

Personality: Calm and cocky ‘Just cover me and I’ll have this done before you know it.’ No tact, chews on things when not smoking a cigar, likes whiskey and cheap beer

History: Lost his fingers after he dropped a tool kit on them ‘It wasn’t a bomb, it was a damned heavy tool kit…’ His family moved down from the Seattle area to northern California when he was five as his father had been promoted and transferred to a nice executive position there.

Family Notes:
-Edward Drummen, Ash’s Father, Deceased
—Looks: Black Hair, Balding, Portly, Good Teeth
—Other: Smoked a Pipe
—Occupation: Vinter
—Hobbies: Vehicles, Dancing
—Cause of Death: Heart Attack, Four years ago (Age: 68)

-Anne Drummen (Joules), Ash’s Mother, Unknown
—Age: 59
—Looks: Straight Greying Hair, Thin Face, Tall
—Other: Reading glasses and old issues of people magazine
—Occupation: Stay at Home Mom
—Hobbies: Dancing, Social Events, Reading
—Missing: 10 years post fall

-Issac Drummen, Ash’s Brother, Alive
—Age: 33
—Looks: Tall, Powerfully Built, Black Hair, Overalls
—Other: Squints when he gets stressed and stops trying not to
—Occupation: Farmer
—Hobbies: Guitar, Target Shooting

-Natasha Drummen (Lear), Ash’s Sister-in-Law, Alive
—Age: 31
—Looks: Short, Stocky, Large Breasts, Braided Blond Hair
—Other: Crosses her arms under her chest often
—Occupation: Farmer
—Hobbies: Singing, Homebrew Beer

-Nicky Drummen, Ash’s Niece, Alive
—Age: 8
—Looks: Beanpole, Black Hair, Gap Toothed Grin
—Other: Has scrapes and bruises from climbing and falling out of trees
—Occupation: Kid
—Hobbies: Climbing Trees, Throwing Stones

-Joe Drummen, Ash’s Nephew, Alive
—Age: 6
—Looks: Runt, Squints his Eyes, Mousy Brown Hair
—Other: Still has some baby fat left
—Occupation: Kid
—Hobbies: Following his Sister

-Geoffrey Drummen, Ash’s Nephew, Deceased
—Causes of Death: Pneumonia at 6 months

-Tallia Drummen, Ash’s Niece, Alive
—Age: 2
—Looks: Wide Eyes, Black Hair
—Occupation: Kid
—Hobbies: Just discovered the word no

Ash Drummen

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