Dr. Jade Davidson

A strikingly beautiful oriental, she exudes confidence; she is also known as a very cold person, untouched by her patients' suffering, and not associating with the other medical staff, at all...

After being left behind by the group

during a combined Einstein and Romeo mass attack on Outpost Alpha, she was seen disappearing into the small green-steel building, and was nowhere to be seen when the party returned later to find the Outpost ablaze. After investigating the small building, and finding some very disturbing things inside, the group is left to wonder where she went, and what happened in there…

Waiting at the ranch

for the group, she tries to take Christoph’s mom, Christine hostage, only to suffer a massive bullet storm, which doesn’t have the usual effect. A few blasts to the head soon finish her off. Under her shredded clothing is discovered the same type of kevlar-like material, bonded to her skin!
Minutes later, she is then seen to be regenerating damage, even to her head(!), and the group decides to dump her (out through the escape passage) in the desert, hoping to maybe draw off the horde of undead outside the ranch

Upon reaching the front door, Dr. Jade Davidson is waiting…

and calls out for the surrender of the “infected” inside. When asked, she insists that, along with [:christine-sturm|Christine]], the other two infected come out and join her…not knowing the names of the others, she insists that Christine join her, and the others may or not…and all will be safe when she does.
After Christine joins her, they withdraw, leaving the mist encircling the ranch…and it remains.


She attended the same medical school as Christine Sturm(Glockner). Christine would definitely have stories of her; they were long-time friends, after all.

Dr. Jade Davidson

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