Stella Lieke

Abrasive and Determined Mother


Str: 4 – Dex: 4 – Con: 3 – Int: 3 – Per: 3 – Wil: 3

Life Points: 50 – Endurance Points: 35 – Speed: 14 – Essence: 32

Attractiveness 5
Resistance (Fatigue) 1
Fast Reaction Time 2
Photographic Memory 2
Situational Awareness 2
Artistic Talent Singing 3
Hard to Kill 3
Nerves of Steel 3

Obsession (Finding her Daughter)2
Cruel 1
Humorless 1

Acrobatics 2
Beautician 1
Brawling 3
Disguise 2
Driving (Car) 2
Driving (Truck) 3
First Aid 4
Guns (Handgun) 2
Guns (Rifle) 3
Martial Arts 3
Intimidation 3
Running (Dash) 2
Stealth 3
Swimming 2

.22 LR Rifle – a good reliable rifle.
.22 bullets – 16 to be exact.
Multitool – it has a knife in it! The ultimate desperation weapon.
Compass – kinda useless without a map.
Sleeping Bag – good to thirty below.
Bottle of Scotch x2 – When you’re addicted, you’ve got to have a supply for when you can’t make it to the bar. Nice.

Heavy boots – good for zombie stompin’!
Cargo Pants – camo, usually with something in the pockets.
Black Long Sleeve – hugs her body well.
Winter Coat – blue coat with a hood, sometimes uncomfortably warm.


Name: Stella Lieke

Nationality: American

Sex: Female
Age: 30
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 155lb.
Hair: Black, “Boyishly” Short
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Cold and Stoic outward appearance that masks the anger and frustation inside.

She has a hardened disposition and an almost hostile outlook on life. She wants the most direct path to anything. She’ll do almost anything to get what she wants. She also has a strong dependence on alchohol. Prefers Scotch.

This behavior is directly tied to her daughter.

History Ideas: Stella was a mother a little before her twenty-third birthday. She gave birth to a daughter named Amelia.
The father was a hard-working and honest man named Peter. Of course, they weren’t happy for long before the settlement they were in was attacked. A horde of undead broke down the walls and invaded. In the chaos Stella was seperated from Peter and Amelia. Peter was bittenas he passed his toddler into a stranger’s hands. Perhaps hoping they would take care of her.
Now Stella has only one goal in life. Find her daughter. This one goal absorbed her life.


Peter Leike – Partner – Deceased (33yo). Stella and Peter were in love. The cliche, head over heels kind of love you find between highschool sweethearts. Back then, Stella was happy and even more so when she had a child with him. Peter saved the life of Amelia by passing her to a stranger, but now the child is lost to Stella.

Amelia Leike – Daughter – Six, almost Seven. Stella and Peter’s Child. Stella knows very little about her own child since she’s been missing for five years. However the baby had black hair like her mother, and sharp, bright blue eyes. Peter’s eyes.
Stella keeps a calendar with her birthday marked on it. She celebrates in some one every year.

Very few, because of her blunt personality. But…

Helen Camille – 22 years old. Stella’s only real friend. A young and enthusiastic girl that takes care of Stella when she’s drunk. She has long red hair, and Stella treats her – her only – with respect and friendliness.

Zachary… something or other – Drinking buddy – 30 years old. A grizzled man with the emotional range of a teaspoon. But he and Stella have stayed up many nights drinking and toasting to days gone by. Stella can’t remember his last name, since she’s always drunk when he tells her.

Stella Lieke

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